In West Africa, the diversity of agricultural products is vast, reflecting the continent's varied climates and cultures. Among these, onions stand out as a staple ingredient in many African cuisines, cherished for their ability to add depth and flavour to dishes. 

Mama Garri Onions

One common variety is the Red Onion, widely appreciated for its vibrant colour and slightly sweet flavour. These onions are a favourite in stews, akara,  moi moi and as a garnish, adding a pop of colour and a mild, pleasant taste.

Another popular type is the Yellow Onion, known for its versatility. These onions have a balance of astringency and sweet in their flavour, making them perfect for cooking, as they become sweeter the longer they cook. They are often used as a base for jollof rice, beans, efo soup, pepper stews, and fitters across West Africa.

In addition to these, the White Onion, with its sharp and pungent flavour, is commonly used in African-American cooking. It's particularly favoured for marinading or serving raw in salads and coleslaw, for those who appreciate its intensity. 

Each of these onion types plays a crucial role in West African culinary traditions, showcasing the continent's rich agricultural and cultural diversity.

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